30.00 22.50 SGD

Inherits all commands and permissions from MVP rank


  • Chat with [MVP+] prefix
  • Access to all MVP rank perks (except for /kit mvp)
  • Silk touch spawners without silk touch pickaxe (will not work on fortune pickaxe)
  • Access to the /fly command - To fly in the game (you are not allowed to fly in the spawn, any warps , nether and the end)
  • Access to the /disguise command - To disguise into mobs (including monsters and items)
  • Access to the /heal command - To heal someone
  • Access to the /drop command - Transfer drops and loots to your inventory
  • Access to the /kit mvp+ command - To get kit mvp+
  • Access to the /fix all command - To repair your broken tools
  • Set up to 7 homes
  • 2200$ + 1 iron crate key hour (MAX = 22k per day)
  • Daily reward

On-Purchased Reward:

  • Receive 50 bonus claim blocks in-game
  • Receive 200k money in-game
  • Receive 3 Iron Crate Keys in-game
  • Receive 2 Gold Crate Keys in-game
  • Receive 1 Emerald Crate Keys in-game
  • Receive 50 diamond blocks in-game