20.00 15.00 SGD

Inherits all commands and permissions from VIP rank


  • Chat with [VIP+] prefix¬†
  • Access to all VIP rank perks (except for /kit vip)
  • Access to the /craft command - To open crafting table
  • Access to the /hat command - To wear block or an item on your helmet slot
  • Access to the /kit vip+ command - To get kit vip+
  • Able to break spawners with silk touch pickaxe (you can't silk touch spawners without this perk)
  • Set up to 5 homes
  • 1300$ + 2 coal crate key hour (MAX = 13k per day)
  • Daily reward

On-Purchased Reward:

  • Receive 30 bonus claim blocks in-game
  • Receive 100k money in-game
  • Receive 3 Coal Crate Key in-game
  • Receive 2 Iron Crate Key in-game
  • Receive 30 diamond blocks in-game